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Portable lamp flashlight

Portable lamp flashlight

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1. The most needed high-power lamp. The bright LED super light has 2 brightness modes: high (6,000 lumens) and low (2,500 lumens). It has a brightness of 6,000 lumens, which is much brighter than many more expensive projectors and flashlights. The ultra-long lighting range of up to 800 meters makes it a long-distance flashlight. In addition, it is a powerful camping spotlight and warning light.
2. Easy to carry and carry design: This work light has a comfortable handle and is equipped with an adjustable strap, which is very suitable for camping, hiking, fishing, walking dog and other lighting applications.
3. Rechargeable spotlight with lasting power-more than 20 hours (high brightness). No need to pay for batteries endlessly. This newer projector is made of 18650 volt 18650 volt rechargeable long-life lithium-ion battery with a large capacity (6000 mAh) and a service life that is 50% longer than all other latest generation projectors.
4. Impact resistant and waterproof. Made of impact-resistant ABS and rubber waterproof caps, it protects the system from scratches, drops, bumps and splashes. If you encounter rain while hiking, camping, sailing or hunting, rest assured-IPX 4 is waterproof!






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